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Dear Customers; 

We, BULENT and MURAT SAGDIÇ two brothers have been keeping on ship models since 1990. In February, 2006, our firm GELİBOLU MODEL MAKET started commercial activities.

We are making ship, boat, and yacht models diminished to certain scales for marine and transportation companies, shipowners, shipyards and every kind of boat owners by order.

We are paying attention to the smalest details for commencial ship models with patience. We are highly pretentious about travel boats, motor yachts and espacially wooden schooners and sailing boats. onliest delivery, importance to details and work, quality of equipment, customer satisfaction, most suitable price are our principles. Please call us if you want to make ship or boat or anyting you own. Get info about our prices, compare with others, you' ll see the difference.

We wish best luck and much profit for everyone with their jobs...